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Shop Blog | Instagram Gives A Boost To The Floral Trade

Instagram Gives A Boost To The Floral Trade

Tuesday, August 7th 2018 9:32pm

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at Flowery Potters, the premier florists in Antrim. Today we thought we would share with you news that Instagram has given an unexpected but welcome boost to the floral trade as businesses and town councils want to look their best and this ever growing social media channel.

The Huge Popularity Of Instagram

Floral DisplaysInstagram is monumentally popular and is used, as you probably already know, for sharing photos and videos. It is believed that over 25% of the UK population now use Instagram and this trend seems set to increase over the next 12 months. Because of this many businesses and organisations want to look their best on Instagram so they can promote themselves, and this has led to lots of these arranging floral displays outside their offices and buildings. After all there is nothing else to compare with plants and flowers when it comes to making a place look eye catching and attractive.

Pubs & Restaurants Follow The Trend

Pubs and restaurants are two particular businesses that are following this trend to the hilt. Many are investing thousands of pounds on floral displays and decorations in a bid to entice people to their establishment and also so people will take pictures of the outside of their premises with all the lovely flowers and then share them on Instagram with all their followers.

Many town councils are are also using floral displays to make their town look beautiful and enticing, with hanging baskets and flower beds placed in key locations throughout. There is often healthy competition between neighbouring towns and villages as to who can make their place look the best. Many of them post photos on a regular basis on their official Instagram accounts to give off the best impression to the outside world and attract more visitors and customers.

Flowers, and particularly fresh flowers, always put their surroundings in the best possible light. So if you would like your own home or business to look its best why not call into Flowery Potters to brighten up your space with some beautiful flowers or plants, we have a fantastic selection as ever to choose from.


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