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10 Reasons For Using Flowery Potters Florist Shop

Tuesday, April 10th 2018 5:37pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Flowery Potters in Antrim and today we thought we would give you 10 very valid reasons for using our services here at our lovely florists shop. It never does any harm to big up yourself every now and then so here goes!

Fresh Florist Flowers
  1. At Flowery Potters we only supply the freshest flowers available so that you know when you buy them they will be fresh, fragrant and last for some time if you look after them.
  2. We can supply flowers for any special occasion, whether that be a wedding or an engagement party, a birthday, Valentines Day or a corporate event. We are experienced in ensuring you get exactly what you need for the day.
  3. We are a very welcoming florists with friendly staff and you will always be looked after well when you come to visit us.
  4. All our staff are trained to give the very best advice on any flowers and plants you may be interested in to ensure you make the right choices. If you go to a supermarket this will not be the case and you will certainly not get that personal touch that we can provide.
  5. We have a very large variety of plants and flowers to choose from at any one time, no matter what part of the season we are in.
  6. We do a guaranteed same day delivery in Antrim if you place your order before 2 pm and this is available 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday.
  7. We also specialise in plants which we get from both local and Dutch suppliers. We have a selection of both indoor and outdoor plants to choose from and we can give you advice on how to look after them of course.
  8. And on top of that we also have our gift shop here which is filled with all sorts of wonderful products that I am sure will peak your interest!
  9. We provide a bespoke service here at Flowery Potters so we can create flower arrangements and bouquets etc that are tailored to exactly what you want.
  10. When you use our florists you are using a local shop that is attached to community and is very much part of life here in Antrim. The more people support local, independent shops the better for the town as a whole.

Contacting Flowery Potters

Bespoke Flower ArrangementsSo if you want to use our services you can either call into our shop when you are passing or alternatively you can give us a call on 028 9422 8010. We looking forward to seeing you or hearing from you. That`s all for this blog, we will back very soon with another so please check us out on a regular basis.


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