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Why You Can`t Beat Saying It With Flowers

Tuesday, March 27th 2018 3:44pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Flowery Potters in Antrim, Northern Ireland. And today we thought we would share with you why we and many other people think there is no better way to express your feelings to someone than with flowers. Whether you want to express your love to someone, you want to say congratulations or you just want to say you are sorry, flowers can express those feelings like nothing else.

Flowers Provoke Strong Emotions

Flowers Provoke Strong EmotionsFlowers have the power to make people happy, cheerful and to bring a big smile to their face. They can provoke strong emotions in people and so are a perfect way to express your own feelings through the gift of a bouquet of flowers or even a single rose.

They make such a powerfully expressive gift because of a variety of reasons. A major reason is that flowers are a natural, living entity and so take us back to nature, and also the variety of bright colours, different shapes and sizes and ethereal quality make them very attractive and enjoyable to look at. And last but not least they have that wonderfully fresh, fragrant smell that evokes so many memories and fills the air around them.

Using Flowers As A Stress Buster

It is well known that flowers are an excellent stress buster, so for instance having flowers dotted around in hospitals can be a great benefit to patients there. They help create a relaxing atmosphere wherever they are and add beauty to any dull room or corridor.

Different coloured flowers have different meaning, white flowers can denote purity, red love, lavender excitement, orange enthusiasm, yellow joy and pink admiration and gratitude.

For the best, freshest flowers around you can come to Flowery Potters, we have a fantastic selection all year round and will also give you sound advice if you need help with choosing a bouquet or flower arrangement. You can just call in to our florist or give us a call on 028 9422 8010 and we will be glad to assist you.

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