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Happy New Year From Flowery Potters!

Friday, December 29th 2017 4:11pm

Hello and welcome to our last blog post of 2017! And with it being our last blog post we would like to wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. If you are getting a break from work over the Christmas period we hope you are having a lovely relaxing time and looking forward excitedly to the new year.

A Good Year Behind Us

Flowery Potters AntrimAt Flowery Potters we certainly had a fabulous year in 2017. Our shop was as busy as ever and we did very well both with our flowers and plants, as well as the many gift items we have for sale here in Antrim. The Christmas period was of course the busiest time of the year when it came to gift items and we are delighted that so many people commented on the great range of products we had available for our customers this year. It makes our day when we get such great feedback from customers both old and new.

We are certainly looking forward to 2018 when we will be looking to expand our range of flowers and plants even more, and hopefully we can attract more people to our florists shop.

Weddings In 2018

If you have any special events coming up next year, such as a wedding, an engagement party or a big corporate event etc, don`t forget that we specialise in providing flowers for such events. The better prepared you are for any big occasion the better, so contact us as soon as possible if you would like the use of our services. We can provide the right flowers to make sure your day goes well with plenty splashes of colour to brighten up the room.

So once again Happy New Year and we hope that you continue to read our blog posts and follow us on social media in 2018. See you then!!

Happy New Year


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