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How A Random Act Of Kindness Led To Romance With A Florist

Monday, August 21st 2017 4:36pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Flowery Potters in Antrim, Northern Ireland. Today we thought we would share with you a great feelgood story which involves both flowers and a florist so is very much up our street. The following story has two very good morals we should always remember. One is that random acts of kindness will always be rewarded in some way and also you should always use your local florists!!

Cheering Up The Lady With Flowers

Bouquet Of Flowers

The story involves a plumber in Plymouth called Andy Sullivan who saw a pensioner outside her home one day whom he though looked rather lonely and in need of cheering up. He did not know the lady, who was called Betty Dixon, but nevertheless he ordered a bouquet of flowers together with a note wishing her well, to be delivered to her door from a local florist.

Random Act Of Kindness Leads To Love

The owner of the Honors Flowers florists shop, Lisa Harris, was very taken by this wonderful act of generosity from Andy, and when she bumped into him at a later date she got talking to him about what he had done and they ended up going out on a date. They must have definitely clicked as they have now been going out with one another for the past 3 months.

In a quote in the Mail Online Lisa said that 'I just kept seeing him everywhere. I saw him drive passed the florists and look in and I saw his van all over the place.

'I definitely think it's fate - it was really weird. I mean, he could have rang any florists that day - there's plenty online to choose from.

'I eventually messaged him and it went from there.

'I just think it's amazing that because he's completed a random act of kindness - he's got something nice out of it too - he's been rewarded.'

It turned out that the lady recipient of the flowers has dementia and her daughter was particularly impressed with this act of kindness by a complete stranger.

Bouquets Of Flowers

If you would like to carry out a random act of kindness by sending a bouquet of flowers to someone then we at Flowery Potters are here to serve you! Just give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a beautiful bouquet for you to send to whoever you wish, our number is 028 9422 8010.

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